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   Kaly Kolonič


Kaly Kolonič, 

abstract and energetic painter

Kaly Kolonič is an artist who creates powerful energetic paintings. She uses energies from the Universe and transforms them to a beatiful art pieces. Her father is also a painter and he introduced her the world of colours when she was only 4 years old and she imediatelly fall in love with painting. In 1992 she discovered that her true love is abstract art. It felt like she discovered a whole new part of her talent. Then life happened and a succesfull career in diferent fields as a singer, coreographer, radio gost, TV host and countries leading PR expert in music, fashion and sport field. Her food expertiece lead her to exploring human not only as fisical body but also energetic and spiritual body as well. She discovered beautiful world of energies. Althought 10 years ago experts in several energetic and spiritual fields discovered that she has incredibly developed heart and chi chackra and that her real calling is healing people with her hands, she refused to do it so. She just didn't consider her as a healer at that time. A few years later people started calling her that they areexperiancing great changes in their life since they have her painting. So she started to explore. Her paintings were tested multiple ways by different energetic experts and all discovered that they have healing powers, they make people feel more positive, stresfree and happy. Her energetic paintings were also recognized by quantum medicine.
Her paintings are sold as quickly as she paints them and are also very popular among celebrities. Her new colection is called Wake up The Goddess in You and was sold only few days after it was launched. She is in the fase of doing another limited colecton by that name ...

Wake up The Godess in You in special limited edition colection which contains energetic painting and The Divine bracelet Kaly made by San Fashion and Jewelry. Both, the painting and the bracelet are unique and one of a kind in the world. Kaly was eager to find a way how to ring those beutiful energies from her painting outside your house. That's how the idea for The Divine bracelet Kaly was found and it was made by her friend, known Macedonian designer Sanja Stojanovski. Bracelet is energeticly charged on the painting. 

Energetic painting is easily to maintain cause it cleanes itself.

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